O&M Solar, Lesedi & Letsatsi Photovoltaics Plants

O&M Lesedi & O&M Letsatsi are two South African companies tasked with the operations and maintenance of two Solar Photovoltaic* Energy Generating Facilities in the Free State. The facilities were constructed as part of the Department of Energy’s IPP Procurement Program** to develop alternative and sustainable sources of energy in South Africa. Read more (link to About page)

*Photovoltaic – the branch of technology concerned with the production of electric current at the junction of two substances.

** The IPP Procurement Programme has been designed so as to contribute towards the target of 3 725 megawatts and towards socio-economic and environmentally sustainable growth, and to start and stimulate the renewable industry in South Africa.


O&M Lesedi and Letsatsi aims to become a global leading company through effective and efficient operating and maintaining of solar plants for future sustainability of renewable energy globally.


To contribute to economic growth and compete on world standards by providing low cost, clean and reliable energy through innovation, future-ready infrastructure and invaluable services offered.

B-BEE Certificates

B-BBEE Certificate Letsatsi 2015
B-BBEE Certificate Lesedi 2015

Creating jobs

O&M Lesedi & Letsatsi proudly contributes towards economic development in South Africa by creating desperately needed jobs and opportunities. We directly employ all staff, of which 92% are black South Africans. By parenting with contractors, we extend our range of services while empowering local businesses and entrepreneurs simultaneously.

O&M Lesedi and Letsatsi has created and filled 52 permanent positions in managerial, administrative, electrical and general specialties. We enforce a strong policy to develop employees by hiring and training underprivileged individuals. It is our goal to create employment opportunities for the South African youth through internship and leadership programmes.
At the O&M Solar headquarters in Bloemfontein, the RCC in employs 7 operators while Gransolar cleaning services employs 2 housekeepers. Furthermore, 17 security guards are appointed via Stallion Security Company.